Friday, July 12, 2013

The Young Gardeners had the opportunity to work alongside the Algonquin Students.  They received hands-on sessions as well as guidance, advice and support from the ‘scholars’ gardeners.


The last few days have seen a lot of rain, which made our garden almost over ran with weeds, but thanks to the Green Star Youth and lots of help and support from our season gardeners they were able to clean up the plots, groom the crops that had been planted, and set the stage for a very successful garden season


The Sky is the Limit – Our youth are the future of today, the leaders of tomorrow (from the GreenStar Anthem)



About GreenStar Community Garden

GSE Garden is one of the Jaku Konbit’s most promising programs; Green Star Enterprise community garden has, and will continue to engage youth, seniors and other members of the community to share information and knowledge around the benefit of wholesome food and healthy lifestyle. The garden is about the opportunity to build our community capacity and engaged our youth to be an advocate and voice for creating strategies and policies to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic; to promote and foster the nutritional and health benefit of natural and wholesome food, as well as to inspiring behavior changes among young people. It will help us all to learn, share and understand the health benefits and physical rewards of gardening.

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